Morse Mill Hotel Morse Mill Hotel Donnie in basement This is right after Donnie was taken over by an entity. You can see a shadow grabbing him. You can see it real clear on his right arm 96642589 Lady You can see a lady w/long hair. this use to be window but is now covered over and there is not any glass 96642590 shadow it appears to be a shadow entity hunched down on the roof by a doorway that leads to the attic. 96642591 shadow in basement this area of the basement is where the large hole in basement floor is. 96642592 96642593 96642594 96642595 96642596 swings it is reported that ghost of children play on these swings 96642597 96642598 96642599 attic room the balcony where a lady in dark clothing has been reported to have been seen. this is where Courtney saw a lady in black & thought it was part of our crew. The crew was in the basement & outside. 96642600 interesting building across the street 96642601 toys you will find toys thru out the building. They have been left by people for the children reported to haunt this location 96642602 96642603 96642604 main room this is the main original room of the building. Residents of Morse Mill reported to us that they had taken pictures of what appeared to be an evil entity in this room. 96642605 96642606 large room off kitchen. this is where Tina smelled the magnolias upon entering the building. It has been reported that people have smelled lilacs and sweet tobacco also. 96642607 fireplace in basement 96642608 96642609 large hole this is the large hole in basement floor. it is covered with plywood boards 96642610 picture inside hole in basement floor 96642611 96642612 toy letters in attic. interesting choice of words 96642613 96642614 by the river across from the hotel 96642615 96642616 96642617 96642618 96642619 96642620 of the session in room 4 where a lady is reported to haunt. This is where Donnie felt the mattress shake and Tina felt a cold gust of wind that felt like it was pushing her out of the room. 96642621 96642622 96642623 96642624 96642625 Morse Mill 2nd investigation Large orb in the basement caught at the same time we were seeing a orb moving about the basement 110206927 Morse Mill 2nd investigation Looks like a man in the upstairs window. Nobody was in the building at the time. 110206928 Mans face in window that is located at the bottom of the stairs in kitchen area 110206929