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Morse Mill Hotel

Posted on July 19, 2010 at 11:11 PM

August 21st we will be doing an investigation at the Morse Mill Hotel in Missouri. It is known to be a very active location dating to pre-civil war times. Here is a link:  We will update you on any findings.

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Reply Tina Duvall
8:27 AM on August 27, 2010 

Paranormal Investigation:
Date: August 21, 2010
Moon Phase: waxing 92.99% full
Weather: Clear sky, daytime temp: 89 Night Temp: 76
Arrived: 2:00 p.m.
Departed: August 22 at 8:00 a.m.

The Morse Mill Hotel is owned by Patrick Sheehan. He is renovating the building and plans to turn it back into a hotel with an apartment in the attic. The building was built in the early 1800s and is approx 5300 sq ft. At this time there is not any electricity or working plumbing in the hotel. There is 4 stories and it was built with maple wood and limestones. A stone wall sits in the front of the building and was built by freed slaves.
The building has an amazing history! It was built by John Morse whom was a well known warlock and confederate soldier. It is associated with the likes of Bertha Gifford, Al Capone, Charles Lindburgh, Clara Bow, Jesse James and Charlie Chaplain. To learn more of the history please go to: .

Digital recorders
Video cams w/night vision & infa-red lights
Digital cameras
35mm film cameras
motion detector
flash lights

Walk thru base readings for EMF where 0 - .3 range. There were no spikes in EMF thru out the whole building.
Reply Tina Duvall
8:28 AM on August 27, 2010 

We began our investigation around 6:30p.m with Steve, Donnie, Carl and Tina in the basement. Cody and Courtney remained outside of the building.
There is a room in the basement with a large stone block in it. Mr. Sheehan told us that at one time there were shackles and chains in this room that have since been stolen. The room has no windows or any source of light. The doorway to the room leads to another small room which also has no windows, only a doorway leading to the larger basement area.
While in this room, we witnessed a small red orb that kept moving about the room and a dark large shadow moving about the room next to us. We layed a small flashlight on the floor in the middle of the room an began asking questions. The flashlight would turn on and off in response to our questions. It answered that it was a young girl and that there are several spirits in the building. When asked if there was anything evil in the building it responded yes. During the flash light session we could hear noises and footsteps coming from above us. We called out on our radio to the investigators outside to make sure they were not in the hotel. Courtney informed us that they were not and that she could see us in the attic. A woman in black which she thought was Tina. At this time we were all accounted for in the basement and no one else was in the building. We ended our session and went upstairs. There was no one else in the building.
We all met back up outside and split up into two groups of three. Steve, Cody and Carl went to the attic and Donnie, Tina and Courtney went to the basement. The group in the attic claimed to have no activity. The group in the basement did have some activity. Tina, Donnie and Courtney went back into the slave room and tried the flashlight again and it would not work. While sitting in the slave room the motion detector went off (located in the large basement area where the stairs are) . Donnie went out to see if anyone was in there and to make sure the back door was locked. Courtney and I remained in the slave room and could hear Donnie talking and then it went quiet. We went to check on Donnie and found him standing in the doorway by the stairs. He was perfectly still with his arms to his side and his hands in fists and he would just stare at us with blank eyes. Donnies face looked evil and distorted. I called out to him 3 times and finally on the third time he answered me. Donnie had no memory of the incident and had no idea of what had happened. We stayed in the basement for about 30 more minutes and had no more activity.
In the large room by the kitchen I (Tina) smelled magnolias. Several times through out the night I (Tina) felt something tapping me on the back and once grabbing my arm. Steve saw a large blue orb move through the basement. Carl felt like spider webs were on his face and there were no spider webs near him. In room 11 Steve had something grab his hand and almost caused him to drop his camera. Courtney felt something touching her arm on the 2nd floor. In room 4 where the prostitute was murdered and people have claimed to feel her touch them, Donnie layed on the mattress and called out to her and felt the mattress shake once and then nothing else. All of these experiences happened before midnight.
The rest of the night was mostly quiet. You would hear bumps and noises, not sure what they was. Then around 3:00 a.m. , Steve, Carl, Donnie and I (Tina) decided to once again go back to the slave room in the basement. Once again we tried the flashlight experiment and it would not work like it had the day before. We could hear what sounded like several people having a conversation in the distance. It was very mumbled as if a tv was on. Of course there is not any tvs or electricity in the building. We could also hear shuffling noises above us. By 4:00 a..m. all was quiet once again and we ended our investigation. At this time we all slept until about 7:15 am and then packed up our gear and left at 8:00 am.
Reply Tina Duvall
12:34 PM on August 28, 2010 
I would like to clarify about the woman in black seen by Courtney. Courtney was outside on the front side of the building. There is a balcony with a doorway that leads to a small attic room. It was beginning to get dark outside. She saw a shape of a woman dressed in black moving about the balcony and then go into the attic. She thought it was Tina as everyone else in the group was men. No one was in the attic. There where 4 investigators all accounted for in the basement only. We checked the building and no one was in it. There have been reports from others that they have seen a woman dressed in black on the balcony many times.